Update: Boating, GPS and Triptracker.net

Went out to Wedowee, AL today to look at a purchase. Threw the Garmin on the dash and shot pics every once in a while. When I got back, uploaded the data tracks to Triptracker along with 9 photos. The first trip I created was a bit off. I looked at the raw gps track information and the locations matched the photos perfectly. I then realized that the Triptracker site took daylight savings into account. So you have to choose the “Detroit, Montreal” timezone. Sorry, but in over 24 years of computing experience, I have NEVER seen the EST/EDT timezone referenced by the cities of Detroit or Montreal. Well I changed the timezones, and Triptracker never changed the locations on the maps.

After creating a new trip, reuploaded the gps information then added the photos, the results were correct. You can see the trip here.

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